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Shama works with St. James’ Settlement to alleviate hunger problems in Hong Kong

by shama 1. August 2014 09:00


1 August 2014, Hong Kong - To give back to our community, Shama has partnered with the People's Food Bank of St. James' Settlement (SJS) to run “food without boundaries” program. It aims to alleviate hunger in Hong Kong, and donate food item to people in need on a short-term and weekly basis.


Our tenants and colleagues are welcome to donate their unused food. For food safety reasons, we are not able to use:

  • Opened items,
  • Items past their expiray date, or dry food with less than 8 weeks before sell-by date,
  • Perished items, and
  • Chinese and western medicine.


SJS was established in 1949 and serves the community and needy, more than 10,000 times of people daily in Hong Kong, and provide both community supports to residential care, from healthy to disabled persons’ service.


The People's Food Bank was originally a relief centre for street sleepers. It went into operation in March 1997 and is still providing services for street sleepers on Hong Kong Island today. All along, the centre has been providing food for street sleepers and emergency food supplies for the poor to relieve their hunger.


More details of the People's Food Bank can be found at http://foodbank.sjs.org.hk.