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Shama and Heart to Heart Shanghai make children “Dreams Come True”

by shama 10. December 2015 03:30


10 December 2015, Shanghai – Shama Shanghai and Heart to Heart Shanghai put together an activity – “Dreams Come True”, which goal is to support and encourage patients with heart disease and poor families.


On 10 December 2015, our team members visited the Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital to offer a heartwarming day to 20 children who have undergone or will undergo heart surgery. The children enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with Christmas carols, games, gifts, delicious snacks, and a visit from Santa.


Heart to Heart Shanghai was established in 2013. It is a Shanghai-based non-profit community outreach organization composed of expatriate volunteers who donate their time and money to entertain and give support to children who are undergoing heart surgery at various hospitals.




Earth Hour 2015

by shama 28. March 2015 09:30


28 March 2015, Hong Kong – On Saturday, 28 March 2015 between 8:30 to 9.30 pm, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Shama and our employees will take part in Earth Hour – the world’s largest global climate change event. By simply switching off all non-essential lighting for one hour at our buildings and in our own homes, we will join hundreds of millions of people throughout the world in a commitment to help creating a more sustainable planet.


Earth Hour is an event led by the World Wildlife Fund started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and is now the world’s largest global climate change initiative. Earth Hour 2015’s campaign theme is “Climate Change”. From promoting climate awareness and garnering support for critical WWF conservation projects to driving legislative changes, Earth Hour harnesses the power of the crowd to make real change.


Shama cares about the environment and the future of our planet, and knows that we can all make a positive change. Please join us in this important and inspiring effort tomorrow. Earth Hour 2015 will certainly be able to offer you a lovely evening.




Shama celebrates Christmas with children from St. James’ Settlement

by shama 1. December 2014 09:00


1 December 2014, Hong Kong – Christmas is just around the corner. Shama is going to organize a Christmas party on 15 December 2014 to celebrate the festival with the children from St. James’ Settlement.


We welcome our tenants and staff to sponsor Christmas meals or Christmas gifts for the children as well as to join the party. Please register your attendance or pass your donation to the Management Office by 8 December 2014. Your generosity will bring warmth and good wishes to the little ones who stay in hospital and those from low income families during the festive season.


St. James’ Settlement (SJS) was established in 1949 and serves the community and the needy. More than 10,000 people are helped daily in Hong Kong. SJS provides community support and residential care to both healthy and disabled persons.



Shama participates in charity run organized by St. James’ Settlement

by shama 5. October 2014 13:00


5 October 2014, Hong Kong - Shama participated in “GOrun Together 2014”, a charity run organized by St. James’ Settlement (SJS), today. The proceeds after deducting costs will be allocated to support SJS charity projects which include “People’s Food Bank”, “Grant–in-aid Brightens Children’s Lives Charity Project”, “Electrical Appliances For The Elderly Program”, “Philanthropic Community Pharmacy” and so on. The proceeds will be allow SJS to provide more social services for the social vulnerable group.


SJS was established in 1949 and serves the community and needy, more than 10,000 times of people daily in Hong Kong, and provide both community supports to residential care, from healthy to disabled persons’ service.



Shama works with St. James’ Settlement to alleviate hunger problems in Hong Kong

by shama 1. August 2014 09:00


1 August 2014, Hong Kong - To give back to our community, Shama has partnered with the People's Food Bank of St. James' Settlement (SJS) to run “food without boundaries” program. It aims to alleviate hunger in Hong Kong, and donate food item to people in need on a short-term and weekly basis.


Our tenants and colleagues are welcome to donate their unused food. For food safety reasons, we are not able to use:

  • Opened items,
  • Items past their expiray date, or dry food with less than 8 weeks before sell-by date,
  • Perished items, and
  • Chinese and western medicine.


SJS was established in 1949 and serves the community and needy, more than 10,000 times of people daily in Hong Kong, and provide both community supports to residential care, from healthy to disabled persons’ service.


The People's Food Bank was originally a relief centre for street sleepers. It went into operation in March 1997 and is still providing services for street sleepers on Hong Kong Island today. All along, the centre has been providing food for street sleepers and emergency food supplies for the poor to relieve their hunger.


More details of the People's Food Bank can be found at http://foodbank.sjs.org.hk.


Meal Box Delivery Service with St. James Settlement

by shama 1. July 2014 10:00


1 July 2014, Hong Kong – Shama is recruiting volunteers for "Meal Box Delivery Service" which is organized by the St. James Settlement to help low income families and do more for the needed. 


The event will be held on Saturday, 16 July 2014. It includes meal box delivery service, food repacking, and distributing hot meal box in the centre. 


We welcome our tenants and staff to bring their children along and participate! It is an opportunity to let them experience different lives in our society. Children under 12 can help distributing the meal box and food repacking at the centre. Anyone over 12 can help on delivering to the families.


St. James’ Settlement was established in 1949 and serves the community and needy, more than 10,000 times of people daily in Hong Kong, and provide both community supports to residential care, from healthy to disabled persons’ service.



World Environment Day 2014

by shama 11. June 2014 09:30


11 June 2014, Hong Kong – "Raise your voice, not the sea level" is United Nation Environment Programme's commitment for World Environment Day (WED) this year.  It is the opportunity for everyone to realise one does not only bear the responsibility to care for the Earth but also needs to become agents of change. WED was held on 5 June 2014, and Shama encouraged tenants and colleagues to join the 4 pledges: "power down", "reduce your footprint", "go greener" and "purge plastics".


Cartoon The Lorax and a feature documentary film Plasticized was shown at Shama private channel or on iMac at the Management Office from 5 to 8 June 2014. Free seeds and organic shop lists were distributed too. 


Shama was also happy to invite Hong Kong Fair Trade Power (HKFTP) to organize a workshop with food demonstration and organic products sale at office. Colleagues had also come up with 5 commandments  which also fits in the 4 pledges promoted by UNEP to make the work place greener: "adjust AC temperature to 23-25C", "switch off monitor when away from desk", "switch off lights and AC during lunch hours", "planting", and "open curtains and blinds during day time". 




Ping Shek I Love You

by shama 31. May 2014 09:30


31 May 2014, Hong Kong – Shama is recruiting volunteers for "Ping Shek I Love You" which is organized by Year 2 Hotel and Tourism Management students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and co-organised by Windshield Charitable Foundation to help the new arrivals, especially unemployed women, to integrate into the society, also help to raise local awareness of preserving and revitalizing the local community’s heritages, values and traditions.


The event will be held on Saturday, 8 June 2014. It includes guide tours, fun fairs, and an exhibition.


We welcome our tenants and staff to participate and get invovled!



Shama opens its first serviced apartment in Hangzhou

by shama 15. April 2014 12:00


15 April 2014, Hong Kong – Shama, Asia’s leading serviced apartment provider managed by Thailand-based ONYX Hospitality Group, today announced the opening of its first serviced apartment, Shama Heda, in Hangzhou, China. With these additional 102 units, Shama operates a total of 1,016 apartment units across six properties in mainland China.


As part of the national-grade development zone, Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area (HEDA), Shama Heda is located in the International Business Centre of Eastern Hangzhou (IBC),a top class office complex built for the high end commercial environment of Eastern Hangzhou. Shama Heda offers relocated corporate staff as well as business and leisure travellers a convenient location only 30-minutes’ drive from the West Lake scenic area and a 20-minute drive from Hangzhou East railway station with direct access to the Metro Line. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and its political, economic and cultural centre. With the city’s enchanting natural beauty and abundant cultural heritage, Shama provides every tenant an ideal home away from home, and also an exceptional lifestyle.


The General Manager of Shama Heda, Sean Ye, said:

“Hangzhou has grown rapidly economically and become a very important location for Shama as there is a strong demand for a serviced apartment brand with international standards. The Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area introduces multinational corporates to Hangzhou from industries like automobile, manufacturing, electronics and information technology, which Shama strategically targets to attract a large number of expatriates and business travellers.”


Comprising 102 stylishly appointed one and two-bedroom units, the latest Shama serviced apartment features state-of-the-art facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, LED TV with international programmes, and under-floor heating system in bathrooms. The property also provides daily maid service, daily breakfast, fitness centre, DVD library, shuttle bus service and a business centre. As a lifestyle provider, Shama creates a living environment that epitomises comfort, style and luxury while the brand guarantees an exceptional lifestyle with its specially designed “no boundaries” programme to fast track tenants’ social lives.


To celebrate the opening of Shama Heda, the property is offering special monthly rates from RMB 11,800 for a one-bedroom unit. Rates include daily breakfast, Wi-Fi access and utilities, available for stay on or before 30 June 2014. For reservations, please visit www.shama.com/heda.



Shama supports “I’m FINished WITH FINS”

by shama 31. March 2014 13:30


31 March 2014, Hong Kong – Hong Kong is the world's shark fin trade capital and a vast amount of shark fins is consumed everyday."I'm FINishes with Fins", a campaign aims to decrease the consumption of shark fins, is launched by WWF-Hong Kong, Shark Savers, WildAid, National Geographic, and Nat Geo Wild, and Shama proudly supports this meaningful event.


Hong Kong accounts for 50 percent of the global shark fin trade. The Hong Kong government has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in protecting sharks, starting with adopting a no shark fin consumption policy for their own official events. However, support from the whole community is also needed. "I'm FINishes with Fins" is asking 100,000 Hong Kongers to pledge through an online platform (http://www.finishedwithfins-hk.org/#!pledge/c4om) not to consume shark fin soup, and educate the public that it is socially acceptable to say "no" to shark fins.


Please join us and pledge today. We can do more for our earth and environment.